Woman’s Day : Do You Need A Hair Detox?

Featured in : Woman’s Day (Jan 2021)

Do You Need A Hair Detox?

If you’ve tried every potion and lotion in the haircare isle in an attempt to revive dry and lifeless hair, it maybe time to consider your scalp health. Just like the skin on our face and body, our scalp requires a routine of its own in order to be happy and healthy, and promote the growth of strong, high shine hair.

An itchy scalp can be attributed to a number of things, such as sunburn, medication, diet and stress. If you’re finding your scalp becoming increasingly itchy, it maybe worth consulting your doctor. However, introducing a scalp scrub once a fortnight could be a game changer. By simply massaging sections at the roots, a scalp scrub will remove built up dead skin cells, sweat, pollution and oil built-up, which all have been known to cause itching.

Woman’s Day magazine has recommended our Grow Longer Stronger Scalp Scrub to try. With natural sea salt and peppermint oil, Grow hair scrub will effectively eliminate impurities whilst invigorating and purifying. Leaving your scalp balanced and restored whilst promoting hair growth!