Skincare for the Scalp: These Are The Top Products

The year is almost over, and on this week’s Lux List Beauty, we wanted to share with you one of this year’s most significant trends in beauty, scalp health, to be more specific. For a considerable part of 2021, we have been sitting at home without visiting our beloved hairstylists, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t take care of our locks as they deserve. In fact, some of us upgrade our hair care routine significantly, and that’s when the often forgotten scalp comes to play. 

With more time to spend taking care of ourselves, it’s not shocking that the skincare for the scalp has achieved the title of trendy over the year… Wanted to know what the experts have to say in this regard and our go-to products to maintain a healthy scalp? We have the answers for you below:

Why It’s Time to Invest in ‘Skincare for the Scalp?

Most hair care trends come and go, but one that is here to stay in the ‘Skincare for the scalp’. More than just a trend, it has gradually progressed over the years and grew exponentially during 2020 and now it is here to stay. So just what is the skincare for the scalp? We chat to Grow haircare’s expert hairstylist Belinda Keeley of Chumba Concept Salon about why it’s one of 2021’s most significant trends on the beauty scene. 

What is skincare for the scalp?

“Funnily enough, many people are already following this trend without even knowing it. It refers to the fact that people are essentially looking after your hair just like you would your face. It’s all about enhancing your routine beyond just a basic shampoo and conditioner and moving towards intuitive products like scalp scrubs and hair masks. It means investing more time (and sometimes a little more money) into quality products that are going to not only enhance your hair in the meantime but look after it in the long run. It’s getting serious about what ingredients you’re putting on your hair and scalp in particular, and mindful about what ingredients to not put on your hair and scalp. At Grow Haircare, we like to refer to it as a facial for your scalp’.”

Why has this trend suddenly become popular?

“We could definitely credit Covid-19 for an increase in people focusing on their hair at home; however, we saw this trend building globally pre-covid regardless. Skincare for the scalp is a culmination of consumers becoming more educated about their hair and the ingredients that they use. Skin and hair care also falls into the category of health and wellness, and people now realise that if you nourish your scalp, it’s not only going to make your hair look better, but it will be healthier too. Brands are also tapping into this fact by launching products with more skin-care-like ingredients and with better efficacy.” 

What kind of products tap into this trend?

“Products that fall into the category of this trend are those that have sophisticated formulas and ingredients that you’d normally want for your skin! It’s the equivalent of implementing a great skincare routine but for your scalp, so focuses on products and ingredients that go beyond just your basic wash and condition. A great example is Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub – not only is the concept of a scalp scrub relatively new to most people’s hair care routine, but the product is intuitively formulated to detox and invigorate the scalp and hair. By stimulating circulation, gently removing dead skin cells and eliminating product build-up at scalp level, it works like an exfoliant for your scalp, in the same way that a face or body exfoliant would and can replace your Shampoo step in the routine. Bonus is that it smells delightful and something that people are excited about using.

Skincare for the Scalp


Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub

RRP: $16.99

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How can we implement the skincare for the scalp trend into our routine?

“Implementing this trend is thankfully relatively straight forward, however depending on your current routine, you may have to be patient for results. This is because some people might currently be using products masking what is really happening with their hair. An example of this is using silicone-based shampoos, which can coat the hair and make it look shiny but worse, cause product build-up on the scalp and render your hair unhealthy. Take away these kinds of products, and your hair might appear a bit dull and lifeless, but it won’t take long to get it into great shape. Unlike implementing a new skincare routine, the good news is that your scalp shouldn’t freak out in the process (it could just be gradual for full benefits).

To implement skincare for the scalp into your routine, start with getting the right shampoo and conditioner that will be kind to your hair and scalp. Look for silicone, sulphate and paraben-free ones and are formulated to help strengthen hair deep from within and protect the hair surface. Then implement what could be dubbed a hero product – the scalp scrub. Touted as ‘exfoliation for the scalp’, a scalp scrub could be the thing that’s missing in your haircare – and scalp – routine. After all, exfoliation can be the key to a luminous complexion, so you best believe that it can lead to luminous hair!

A scalp scrub is basically a formulation of exfoliating ingredients that prove the power of exfoliation isn’t just limited to your face. Typically containing ingredients to cleanse and nourish deeply, scalp scrubs are the next best thing in hair care. Allowing for a deep exfoliation of the scalp will remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and product build-up to allow our natural oils to keep the hair and scalp nourished and healthy. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub detoxes, refreshes and restores balance to the scalp, making way for fuller, shinier and healthier hair.

What’s more, its formulation can help with hair thinning and shedding by helping to unclog hair follicles. Many people don’t realise that the build-up of products, residue and sebum can clog our hair follicles over time, which can lead to hair thinning. This happens because hair follicles typically have two or more hairs growing from them, but if they become clogged, this can result in fewer hairs being able to grow through. Healthy hair should always start with the scalp, so ensure your scalp scrub will work hard to lift away impurities and remove product build-up, which can keep your hair follicles clear.

A scalp scrub should be massaged into the scalp, further stimulating blood circulation, delivering oxygen to your scalp and encouraging hair growth. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub contains natural sea salt and peppermint oil which has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve irritation of the scalp. Upon application, you can expect a light tingle to the scalp, which simply means that the product is stimulating blood circulation – better for encouraging hair growth! Peppermint oil is also great at absorbing excess oil, which can be the culprit of clogging hair follicles. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub will also profoundly exfoliate the scalp to remove product build-up, dead skin cells, and any residue like air pollution, which also has the potential to cause hair loss. The best bit about Grow’s Scalp Scrub is that it doesn’t require shampoo afterwards, making it an easy step to add to your hair care routine.

Another great product to implement into your routine is a hair mask for usage once or twice a week. Ideally, you’ll want to look for one that provides a potent and intense conditioning treatment that will not only nourish and protect but prevent damage and breakage caused by environmental stress, chemical treatments or over styling.

The important thing to be mindful of is that everyone’s hair is different. Get to understand the kind of hair you have, research products and ingredients and work out what your hair responds to. Also, learn the ingredients to avoid and read the ingredient label on the back of a product before purchasing. Google can be your best friend when it comes to this, and your hair will thank you for it!”

Skincare for the Scalp

Grow’s Longer Stronger Anti-Breakage Hair Mask

RRP: $16.99

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