Grow Haircare Longer Stronger Stimulating Hair Scrub is formulated with natural sea salt and peppermint oil, this hair scrub will effectively eliminate impurities whilst invigorating and purifying, leaving your scalp balanced and restored.


Is suitable for all hair types

Detoxes, refreshes and restores balance to hair and scalp

Is safe for use on colour treated hair

Cruelty Free Silicone Free
Paraben Free Sulfate Free



Thoroughly wet hair and divide into sections. Apply a small amount at a time directly onto your scalp and proceed to vigorously massage the scrub into the scalp and work up a lather. You will experience a tingling sensation do not worry this is to be expected from the peppermint oil. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if you would like an even deeper clean. For an intensive conditioning treatment, follow with the Longer Stronger Anti-Breakage Hair Mask. Suitable for use up to twice a week.



3 reviews for LONGER STRONGER

  1. munch-grow-bb

    Nice smell

    This is a good product. I would definitely recommend the grow longer stronger stimulating scalp scrub to everyone. I love the refreshing smell that it boasts and it makes my hair feel so fresh. It is not oily and does not dry my hair out. It is perfect for my fine but lots of hair. I am really happy with this product.The five star rating is true and I will definitely be buying this product again and again. My favourite part of this product is the refreshing smell. Very very happy with the product that I recieved

  2. munch-grow-bb

    Super scalp scrub

    I was super surprised how good this scalp scrub is! I’ve used scalp scrubs on my oily hair in the past but they’ve usually left it feeling worse. The Grow Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub is in an easy to use tube and it has a slightly minty scent. The gritty paste takes a bit to get used to, but I found it best to have soaking wet hair then massage the paste into my scalp. If your hair is still dry or only slightly wet, you’ll have a lot more trouble spreading the paste and will probably use a lot more product than needed. It surprisingly is much easier to wash out than other hair scrub products which was great! Once I dried my hair I could see overall my hair looked and felt cleaner. My hair wasn’t left feeling dry which is sometimes a side effect of other scrubs – it was soft and manageable and this product amazingly works so well on my oily hair, that I was able to get a few extra days in between shampoos! It’s now a part of my regular haircare routine!

  3. munch-grow-bb

    So refreshing!!

    Sweet and uplifting I love the scent of this peppermint scalp scrub. The stimulating scalp scrub is beautiful to use I have been using it once a week, made from natural sea salt the granules feel gentle on my scalp while enjoying the lovely scent of the peppermint oil after wetting my hair I use gentle but invigorating circular motions with my fingertips all over my scalp. I find this scalp scrub really easy to use, once I’ve rinsed it out then followed with shampooing and conditioning my hair my scalp feels calm, clean and refreshed. Also love that this is Made in Australia and Cruelty free I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to family and friends also.

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