New Mum Shopping Guide


New Mum Shopping Guide: Maternity And Baby Gifts

Deni Kirkova, a lifestyle journalist and blogger in Melbourne shared her ultimate shopping guide for new mums – just in time for Mother’s Day in Australia!

“With just 4-5 weeks until my baby comes, it’s all getting very real! I’ve been in a bit of a panic buying mode. What will I need now, at the hospital, and as a new mum with a tiny human? You can read up on my second trimester essentials – many of which still apply! – and my review of the Nuna Demi Grow stroller. Now, I bring you my third-trimester essentials and must-have items for new mum and baby ahead of Mother’s Day. Here are the gifts I am loving at the moment”.

One of her top picks is our Grow Longer Stronger collection :

The Grow Haircare Longer Stronger collection is a great idea for the mum who loves a pamper. I’m preparing for that infamous period of time after baby when your lush hair falls out. All the glory of flowing pregnancy locks is, apparently, temporary. Luckily, Grow Haircare has just launched some exciting new products on the market, such as a Stimulating Scalp Scrub. The product eliminates impurities whilst invigorating and purifying, leaving your scalp balanced and restored. Formulated with natural sea salt and peppermint oil, the scrub detoxes, refreshes and restores balance. I’m planning to use this alongside the iconic Shampoo and Conditioner to minimise hair loss.

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