The Best Treatment Masks for Healthy, Nourished Hair


The 5 Best Treatment Masks for Healthy, Nourished Hair

Popsugar recent article talked about how important is a hair treatment to protect your locks, keeping it healthy and nourished. Between chemical treatments, heat styling tools, bleach and environmental aggressors, it’s safe to say that your hair goes through a lot. We tie it up, straighten it, curl it and put a plethora of styling products into it. While your hair can probably handle all of this attention, it helps to show it some care in the form of a treatment mask every now and then.

Hair can become dry and brittle quite easily, so if you’re dealing with locks that need a little love in the form of hydration, a hair mask is the easiest way to do this. Simply apply to damp hair (usually after shampooing) and let the mask sit for the time recommended on the packaging. Then wash it out and you’re good to go. Most masks can be used weekly and helps to add strength, nourishment and shine to your strands.

For those with weaker hair, Grow’s Longer Stronger Anti-Breakage Hair Mask ($16.99) is your go-to. Formulated with amino acids, this mask works to strengthen hair deep within while also protecting the surface from environmental and chemical stress.

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